Audience Registration
Application For Exhibitor
Exhibitor service
Scope of Exhibits
Specialized agency for cultural relics protection:
The protection of cultural relics administrative departments at all levels, various museums, heritage restoration, collection, identification, auction trading mechanism, and the protection of cultural relics in the field of professional media, professional press, foundation, various exchange organizations, investment companies, interested in investment or business sponsorship of cultural relics protection mechanism.
Protection equipment and technology of cultural relics:
Cultural relics repair tools, technical facilities and instruments; chemical reagents and materials to repair, restoration of cultural relics of ancient cultural relics protection; transportation, storage, planning, design, display, construction and safety protection equipment and technology; cultural relics management and operation system; professional institutions and personal protection technology etc..
Scenic area and site promotion project:​
The restoration and restoration of all kinds of relics and sites, the development and utilization of cultural relics, and so on.
Cultural relics and works of Art:
All kinds of toys, antiques, art, celebrity calligraphy and painting, cultural reproduction imitation products and making materials, production processes or equipment etc..

1. The exhibitor shall have the legal qualification, document certificate, etc. of the business license and other legal qualifications, such as the business license during the period of production and operation, etc. (the international customers shall provide the valid business qualification certificates of the country in which they are located).
2. After selecting the booth, exhibitors should fill in the exhibition contract carefully, and then fax or mail it to the organizing committee after the official seal (fax or copy with the same contract effect).
3. The organizing committee shall send a deposit payment notice to the exhibitor within two days after receiving the exhibition contract, and the exhibitor will pay a deposit for the booth fee within the specified time.
4. The organizing committee will send the payment notice to the exhibitors one month before the exhibition, and the exhibitor will pay the balance of the booth fee within the specified time.
5. Exhibitors will all expenses (including advertising, BBS, etc.) to the exhibition organizing committee designated bank account, overdue don't pay, the organizing committee reserves the right to change the original booth or cancel its participation qualifications. The organizing committee will send the booth confirmation letter to the exhibitor within seven days after receiving the full payment.
6. The organizing committee insists on the principle of applying first, paying first and confirming first.
7. According to the overall effect of the venue and the needs of the fire protection, the organizing committee shall have the right to adjust some of the confirmed booths.