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Brief Introduction

Xi'an YunFu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd was established in 2014, our company is located in Xi'an City,Shaanxi Province, a professional company engaged in cultural relics protection,At present, the company employs 60 people, including 10 professional design technicians

The company has the world's most advanced capsule production equipment, Swiss zund digital cutting equipment , digital UV printing press , laser cutting machines and other advanced packaging devices.

The acid-free materials we choose were strictly tested by the relevant quality inspection agencies of the state, the corresponding test reports are issued. we guarantee our acid-free productions like the capsule , folder, photo frame , can meet the needs of museums, archives and libraries in the work of protection ,our productions create a " clean, stable" storage environment for the cultural relics
   We hope that through our work, we can promote the  storage environment for cultural relics of museum.