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Chongqing sound optoelectronic think union Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Publish time 2018-01-02 16:14    

Chongqing shengguangdian Zhaopin Electronics Co., Ltd. was incorporated in September 2010, is located in the Southern District of Chongqing national cultural relics protection equipment industry base ", the company has set CETC in Chongqing (China Dianke units 24, 26, Chinese Dianke Chinese Dianke 44) sensor technology, integrated circuit technology, RFID technology, wireless communication technology the equipment manufacturing, technology and other advantages, is the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation (CETC), Chinese Electronics Technology Group Co. Ltd. Chongqing shengguangdian (CETCCQ) to build the protection of cultural relics, covering smart electronic equipment research and development, production, integration, professional services company.
    The company since its establishment, the security engineering practitioners, information system integration and service, quality management system certification, the national high-tech enterprise qualification certificate of the professional, has 14 national invention patents, the national utility model patent 26, national patent 12, national software copyright registration 7, 8 registered trademarks. Was selected as the undertaking unit of the Ministry and the Bureau of cultural relics and cultural relics protection equipment industrialization demonstration project ", the national cultural relics equipment industrialization and application of collaborative platform long unit, deputy director of National Standards Committee of cultural relics protection technical committee member, the national cultural relics protection areas of networking construction technology innovation Alliance governing units, Chongqing is the Internet Industry Association unit.
    Our company is based on the modern enterprise management system, create customer demand as the guidance of technology research and development, product quality assurance and marketing service system, build the hardware and software, first-class system development and design team, in the field of business and accumulated experience, and constantly improve the technology, and always adhere to technological innovation, product innovation, service innovation, to provide first-class products and perfect service for customers. By means of science and technology culture for the mission, to promote the integration of science and technology and culture, cultural relics protection plan to become influential in the country's equipment system to solve business and intelligence electronic system solutions provider, is widely used in the protection of cultural relics and heritage and wisdom of the electronic contribution amount.