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YANTAI HEYI museum co., LTD.
    Publish time 2018-01-02 15:40    
 One of the world's top museums and the pursuit of creation were works, science, art and fashion, gave them a natural smart and fashion creative, let the specimen meaningful and real art into the public view, and this is one who never slack power.
  And one museum has the world's top specimen production experts and art masters. It has been approved by many world-class authority, and has become the top specimen art hall. With one person holding the ultimate pursuit of art and fashion, we create the heart and make use of advanced technology to make animals from all over the world become the works of Tibet, and provide them to many museums, research institutes and private collections in the world. Every specimen of exquisite beyond compare works, into one person, and exploring the natural reproduction of natural inspiration, and the knowledge of science and art to the public pursuit of fashion.
   And one museum is committed to providing the most perfect specimens of museums in the world, leaving the society with the natural remains of the non replicable wealth. The opening of the natural journey, the understanding of the true meaning of science and the beauty of the experience of art are here - and a museum!
  And a museum (HEYI MUSEUM), is willing to work with you together, Cheng Xian each moving moment.