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Zhengzhou Fenghua Industrial Co., Ltd
    Publish time 2018-01-02 09:57    

Zhengzhou Fenghua Industrial Co., Ltd.(Stock code: 838569),Formerly known as zhengzhou textile air conditioning equipment factory, in the field of industrial

 constant temperature and humidity has accumulated more than 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing. In 2001, the company entered the field of cultural heritage conservation, beginning with  the Palace Museum joint research and development of cultural relics protection equipment. After ten years of exploration and accumulation, the company in the field of cultural relics repair equipment research, based on the technology of Internet of things of cultural relic's conservation environment monitoring and control field, the development of the intelligent display cases  and digital lighting system field, etc., gradually form core strengths.

The company will take "committed to cultural relics as the carrier of civilization heritage" as a mission. To create intelligent security for cultural relics, in order

to realize the carrying of civilization. Spread cultural value in the form of wisdom,

in order to realize the transmission of civilization.

The company research and development and production base is located in zhengzhou city of zhengzhou-kaifeng belt baisha industrial park, covers an area of 16000 square meters.The base has a complete research and development center, manufacturing plant, simulation laboratory, testing center, etc.