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"Several million in heritage of the Silk Road" World Heritage Exhibition opened in Hongkong
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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland, hosted by the state administration of cultural heritage and the leisure and cultural services department of Hong Kong, administration bureau of administration of cultural heritage in shaanxi, henan, gansu province cultural relics bureau, xinjiang uygur autonomous region administration bureau of administration of cultural heritage, luoyang and the Chinese academy of social sciences archaeological research institute to undertake, shaanxi history museum (cultural exchange center) of shaanxi province and Hong Kong history museum specific execution "spanning thousands of miles, the world heritage of the silk road" exhibition in November 28, the history museum opened in Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong special administrative region chief executive secretary lam, minister of culture LuoShuGang, director of the central government liaison office in Hong Kong SAR zhi-min wang, deputy director of the Yang Jian, deputy director, director of state administration of cultural heritage Liu Yuzhu GuanJiang, secretary for home affairs incorporated lau kong-wah - Hong Kong SAR government, Hong Kong director of the leisure and cultural services department Li Meichang, of the republic of kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, republic of China on behalf of and in Hong Kong "Asian culture cooperation BBS" national culture officials, representatives of Hong Kong culture and so on more than 200 people attended the opening ceremony and visit the exhibition. Carrie lam and liu yuzhu at the opening ceremony.
"The silk road is a corridor that breaks down barriers and exchanges," said Ms. Lam. For the first time, this exhibition brings together the cultural treasures of The Three Kingdoms, and shows the colorful cultural treasures of the silk road. It also shows its rich and wonderful cultural features. "One Belt And One Road" in the 21st century today, continue to promote hearts are interlinked, with the silk road two thousand years ago, open inclusive, eclectic, and Hong Kong before and after the spirit of brainstorming.
Liu Yuzhu said that the exhibition to the joint declaration of world heritage of China haji "silk road: changan - tianshan corridor network" as the theme, gather the three 37 wenbo unit nearly 220 group of fine cultural relics, show people along the silk road network mutual communication, cultural fusion, civilization of the grand history. Exhibition opened several first: in the first three joint exhibition of cultural relics, and for the first time in the context of world heritage of the silk road theme exhibition, many cultural relics is shown to the public for the first time. Hope exhibition in good silk road story at the same time, different civilizations, eclectic for promotion and communication, promoting "area" hearts and minds are interlinked, build contribute the community of human destiny.