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Museum display area
 China The exhibition area of cultural relics equipment protection
Foreign cultural relics protection equipment exhibition area

   The domestic museum equipment exhibition area is a centralized display of the protection of cultural relics and equipment in China.

   The exhibition area includes the special glass for Museum showcases, the protection system of the surrounding cultural relics and the protection of cultural relics, etc.

   From Germany, France, Japan and other places of many exhibitors will showcase the most advanced cultural relic equipment, micro environment monitoring and control equipment, lighting, museum showcase, heritage warehouse equipment, protection and restoration of new materials and new technology, 3D scanning and AR/VR digital technology, let the audience feel the great power of science and technology for the protection of cultural heritage.

   The museum exhibition area is the national first class museum and the national two level pavilion from all parts of the country.

   At the exhibition, the museum showed new technology of cultural relic repair and new products of Museum creation, so that the audience can understand museums and enter museums during the visit.

Wenbo creative products zone

At this Expo, the the Imperial Palace Museum first appeared in Shandong. In its nearly 200 square meters exhibition area, there were more than 10 series of nearly 400 kinds of featured products, including silk series, umbrellas, Qing Gong Hai Hai figure series, and so on. "Take the the Imperial Palace culture home" will become one of the biggest highlights of the Expo.

In addition to the Imperial Palace, the exhibition hall will set up 1000 square meters of cultural and creative products exhibition area on the first floor. It will bring thousands of cultural and creative products to 17 cities in the whole province. It will bring cultural feast to the whole province.